Super Mario Odyssey, DOOM, and Sonic Forces Reviews – Episode 76

The Super Mario Odyssey, DOOM, and Sonic Forces Trifecta

In this episode, we talk about the best Mario game of all time, again. This time we give our spoiler-full thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey! What worked in the game, what would we change, and is Mario Odyssey 2 in the works? We’re not sure, but we sure do talk about it. Also, Jordan got to play DOOM, so he talked about that for a while. I talked about Chess Ultra, and then we had to finish things off with Sonic Forces. A great episode with lots of fun.


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More about the Super Mario Odyssey, DOOM, and Sonic Forces Review Episodes

Sorry that this episode is a bit late, I ran into some big problems over the weekend. But it is here now, so you may rejoice!

We received review copies of DOOM (from Bethesda) and Chess Ultra (from Ripstone), so we had to talk about those games in this episode. And, Sonic Forces launched last week, so that was a must as well. Anyway, we’re happy to have the episode out now, so let us know what you think in the comments!

Anyway, we love this podcast and are super grateful for your support. Let us know what you think about the episode, and be sure to share it with your friends! We’d really appreciate it!


0:00:00 – Super Mario Odyssey Spoilercast
0:54:55 – DOOM for Nintendo Switch Review
1:02:20 – Chess Ultra Audio Review
1:06:49 – Sonic Forces Audio Review

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