Nintendo Switch's Future of Accessories

Nintendo Switch’s Future of Physical Accessories, and Labo – Episode 84

What does Nintendo have in store for the Switch beyond games?

This episode is Jordan-less because he had a lot to do, so David resumed command. Anyway, the three present Virtual Boys got together to discuss some of the things Nintendo might do in the future, from a physical standpoint. What kind of accessories can we expect? Different variations of the Switch itself? So many possibilities!


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More about the Nintendo Switch’s Future of Accessories Episode

You know, we’re curious about the future of the Switch’s accessory line. What kind of things should we expect? We’re also curious about the future of the Labo, so we had to talk about that too.

Take a listen to what we think in this episode (also, feel free to pre-order Nintendo Labo)!

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0:00:00 – Nintendo Switch Surpassing Wii U, and Future of Labo
0:28:28 – Nintendo Switch Accessories for the FUTURE
0:45:49 – What We’ve Been Playing

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