gamecube hidden gems

GameCube Hidden Gems – Episode 25

This week, host David gathers co-hosts Jordan, Skylar, and James to discuss their favorite GameCube Hidden Gems. What games would be worth your money and investment? They also talk about their pre-E3 excitement, detailing what they hope gets revealed beyond The Legend of Zelda.


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More about the GameCube Hidden Gems Episode

So, we thought we’d go even further with the favorite games idea that we had toyed with the last few weeks. This week was all about discussing our favorite GameCube Hidden Gems. These hidden gems are generally games that don’t often get the spotlight but are really well made. These gems are some of our favorites to play.

We also mention some of our hopes for Nintendo’s E3 Presentation, since it was right around the corner. This episode was recorded before the E3 announcements, so we had no idea what would happen. The next episode is all about E3!

This episode, again, suffers from some audio problems, but we’re trying to make it work. The discussion is still great, and we had a lot of fun recording this episode.

Important Timestamps and Information

Important Time Stamps:
0:00:00 – Pre-E3 Excitement
0:36:10 – Hidden GameCube gems

Music from Chibi-Robo!

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