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Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Reportedly Getting Remake, Switch Release Possible

This is something that was unexpected, and not technically confirmed yet. According to writer Laura Kate Dale from, Kotaku UK multiple sources have claimed that Activision is working on a Spyro the Dragon Trilogy remaster. The game will come to the PlayStation first and will come to other consoles in 2019. This gives us hope that the trilogy could come to Switch!

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing for Switch Hope Rekindled after Japanese Trademark

Fans are desperate for Animal Crossing for Switch. We were hoping to get some news in the January Direct Mini, but that didn’t happen. Now, it looks like there’s a new Japanese trademark involving the series that might be worth looking into.

Animal Crossing Trademark

Now, I did some digging for this, and while I can confirm the patent number exists, I cannot confirm that there is an associated trademark. As such, I’m marking this piece as a rumor, but the news still stands. It’s rekindled my hope in Animal Crossing for Switch.

Anyway, it appears that the trademark was filed at the end of December, and was marked for processing just a few days ago. Now, it appears to just be a trademark for the name “Animal Crossing” in Japan, but the trademark also contains a Class 9 marking, which implies video games can be made for the patent.

Now, I wouldn’t say that this confirms anything, as Nintendo is probably just making sure that no one else in Japan can take the name and use it for themselves. We’ve seen multiple series in Japan start to use their Japanese names as well as their English names together. This could just be that case, and not implying that there’s a game coming soon.

Anyway, take this news as you will. I still think we’ll get Animal Crossing for Switch, but it probably won’t be coming this year anyway.


Isle Delfino

Isle Delfino Shaped Island Found in Odyssey Ad

Super Mario Odyssey lands on store shelves worldwide next month, and Nintendo is putting up ads ahead of its launch. They’re nice looking ads, of course, highlighting different kingdoms in the game. It even shows where the kingdom lies on the world map. However, the interesting news comes from a dolphin shaped island on the map, similar to Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine.