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Isle Delfino

Isle Delfino Shaped Island Found in Odyssey Ad

Super Mario Odyssey lands on store shelves worldwide next month, and Nintendo is putting up ads ahead of its launch. They’re nice looking ads, of course, highlighting different kingdoms in the game. It even shows where the kingdom lies on the world map. However, the interesting news comes from a dolphin shaped island on the map, similar to Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine.

Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition

Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition Posted and Removed from Amazon Spain

Update: So, this isn’t totally ruled out, as nobody has come out and explained this as a hoax, but we do know that the image is indeed fanart. This makes us doubt the credibility of the rumor, but it could still be real. Original article follows:

In a strange twist of fate (hyuck hyuck hyuck), we appear to have a fascinating rumor on our hands. This rumor comes from Amazon Spain, where they listed and removed Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch. Now, we don’t have any confirmation but let’s take a look.