Splatoon 2 Boxart

Splatoon 2 (July 2017)

Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 2 Overview

Splatoon 2 is the sequel to the Wii U game Splatoon. It takes place 2 years after the events of the first game and features all new weapons and stages.

This game will be the first in the series to feature local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer. Be prepared for new adventures as a Kid/Squid!

Recent news about Splatoon 2

Heavy Splatling Deco

Heavy Splatling Deco Coming Tonight on Splatoon 2

Another chance to use the Bubble Blower special.

Kelp Dome

Splatoon 2: Kelp Dome, Snapper Canal, Tenta Brella Coming

I’m glad they’re bringing Kelp Dome back.

Custom Splattershot Jr.

Custom Splattershot Jr. Returning to Splatoon 2 Tonight

This makes Friday even more special.

Splatfest premiere - Splatoon 2 Version 1.3.0

Splatoon 2 Version 1.3.0 Patch Notes Released

Lots of interesting changes coming to Splatoon 2 tonight!

Salmon Run - Splatoon 2 Developer

Splatoon 2 Developer on Why Salmon Run isn’t Always Available

Not a great answer, but it’s a hint, nonetheless

Data Mining Uncovers - Full Patch Notes - Data Mining Reveals - New Splatfest Stage - Shifty Station

Rumor: Data Mining Uncovers New Modes in Splatoon 2

I sure hope some of this new stuff comes to Splatoon 2!


Splatfest: Flight Barely Soars Over Invisibility for Win

I want to fly like a squid!

Forge Splattershot Pro

Forge Splattershot Pro with Bubble Blower Coming Tonight

All bubble blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able-bodied patron in the bar.

Game Data

Release Date:
Nintendo Switch
  • July 2017 (USA)
  • July 2017 (Europe)
  • July 2017 (Japan)
Game Rating:
E for Everyone

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