NintenCity Staff

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Virtual Boys

The Virtual Boys are the original founders of NintenCity. During the summer of 2015, they decided to try out a podcast. That podcast became the Virtual Boys Podcast and has been going fairly faithfully the last 2 years. The Virtual Boys include David Van Komen, James Peterson, Jordan McNeil, and Skylar DeWeese.

David Van Komen

I’m the head honcho here. I love Nintendo, and I love writing about it all. Ask me sometime about why I believe Waluigi is a ghost.


James Peterson

An aspiring digital journalist, James loves Nintendo and Japanese culture. He spent eight years in Japan studying the language and learning about the culture, if not goofing around in Tokyo. Zelda, Pokémon, and Xenoblade are some of his favorite franchises to play.


Jordan McNeal


Skylar DeWeese

Hello, my name is Skylar DeWeese. I’m a long-time Nintendo gamer. I’m also a Video Game Composer. My favorite series are the Super Mario, Metroid, and Pokemon series.



The administration staff keeps NintenCity going. They also write some of the cool code that makes the website do some cool stuff. They’ll also write articles every so often.

Cole Erickson

Web developer and occasionally author.