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Dimension Drive Title

Review: Dimension Drive – Refreshing and Original Arcade Fun

Author’s Note: As of when I’ve started writing this there is a day one patch out.  I will have to play the latest patch and update this post if any of my criticisms are changed.

Dimension Drive released today and is a game I’ve been looking forward to for several weeks now.  I first found out about the game on Twitter, and I was enraptured by the innovative dual-screen arcade shooter.  In the interest of full disclosure: I received a review copy of this game for free so if that concerns you take what I have to say with a grain of salt, but with that out of the way, sit back, get comfortable, and let me tell you about how awesome Dimension Drive is.

Review: Wheels of Aurelia – A Fork in the Road

I went into this game not really knowing what to expect. Wheels of Aurelia describes itself as a “narrative road trip” and an “interactive fiction” game, and while I’ve never played any road trip games, let alone narrative focused, ones I am an avid lover of old-school interactive fiction, so I gave it a go.

The ARMS 2.0 User Stats screen lets you see stats from previous versions

ARMS 2.0 Adds New Arms and So Much More (Patch Notes)

The ARMS team has been hard at work preparing for the ARMS 2.0 update.  Released today, the update brings quite a lot of new features and bug fixes, as you’ll see from the official patch notes.  Nintendo has them listed all together on their website making the list rather intimidating and hard to digest, so for your convenience we’re going to break the changes down by type.  The three main groups we’re choosing to use are new features, balance changes, and bug fixes.

New Features

  • ARMS League Commissioner Max Brass added as a playable character.
  • New ARM “Nade” added.
  • New ARM “Roaster” added.
  • New ARM “Kablammer” added.
  • New stage “Sky Arena” added.
  • New versus mode “Hedlok Scramble” added.
    • Punch or touch the capsule containing the Hedlok mask to become Hedlok for a period of time.
    • This can be selected in Versus, Friend, or Local and it will also appear in Party Match.
  • “Stats” added to the Top Menu.
    • Check stats such as your most used fighter, best stage, and ARM accuracy.
  • “Events” added to the Top Menu.
    • Here you can set whether or not you want to join official online events.

Balance Changes

  • Snake Park has been swapped out for Sky Arena in the Ranked Match stage roster.
  • Raised highest rank in Ranked Match to 20.
  • Increased the penalty for disconnecting during Ranked Match play.
  • Shortened the amount of time necessary for the following ARMS to return after being extended, making them easier to use: Megaton, Megawatt, Revolver, Retorcher, Boomerang
  • Increased movement speed of the Guardian.
  • Improved visibility during charge attacks for the Popper and Cracker.
  • Increased the amount of time necessary for the following ARMS to return after
  •  being knocked down, increasing risk: Popper, Cracker, Hydra
  • Increased the amount of time it takes to recover when a grab is deflected with a single punch.
  • Decreased the amount of damage when the Hydra’s rush connects with multiple consecutive hits.
  • Decreased the distance Kid Cobra travels when jumping.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where in some instances Ribbon Girl could remain airborne for an overlong period of time while continually attacking.
  • Fixed issue where Ninjara would not destroy the light boxes on the Ribbon Ring stage when getting up.
  • Fixed issue where the time necessary for the Triblast to return when deflected was shortened.
  • Fixed issue where ARMS such as Blorb and Megaton would catch on the ground and fail to fire.
  • Fixed issue where explosive ARMS would sometimes fail to explode
    when receiving an attack.
  • Fixed issue where the Slapamander would sometimes fail to hit Helix when he is extended.
  • In online play, fixed issue where the appearance or non-appearance of items could differ between devices.
  • In online play, fixed various issues with V-Ball including an issue where the ball would remain grounded and play would not proceed.
  • In online play, fixed an issue where sometimes Barq would continually defend against an opponents’ rush attack for a set period of time.
  • In online play, fixed issue where sometimes pillars in the Scrapyard would not be destructible.

Final Thoughts

Spring Man shown on ARMS 2.0 Stats menu

The new Stats menu shows off quite a lot of information

So far we’re pretty excited about the stats menu.  It adds a lot of interesting information about your player history and your favorite arms to use in matches.  Interestingly it’s grouped by game version, so your 2.0 data will be kept separate from your 1.0 data.  We’re not sure if there will be large enough changes in the future for this to make a difference, but it does show that Nintendo is trying to make this into a competitive game by allowing someone’s stats to be shown in the context of what game or metagame they were playing in.

The ARMS 2.0 Events settings lets you opt in or out of future "events"

A fairly simple interface controls whether you’ll be part of Nintendo’s mystery events

The events setting is also interesting, not because it lets you do much but because it seems to promise a bright future for the game.  No word yet on what kind of events these will be, but one only has to look to Splatfest for an example of how engaging Nintendo’s special events can be.  We’re all excited to see what they come up with.

Finally, the large amount of new features and content shows that Nintendo is dedicated to releasing continued content updates for ARMS, and with a large amount of bug fixes they’ve also proven that they will continue to support this game no matter what updates they add.  We feel this is promising, and it makes us even more excited to continue playing this game.

What do you think of the new update?  Let us know in the comments whether you agree with us or how you disagree, and check out our ARMS page for more updates on everyone’s favorite springy fighting game!

Splatoon 2 Review Roundup - Splatoon Fresh Featured Image

10 Things the Original Splatoon Did Right

When Splatoon launched just over two years ago many praised it for its innovative take on the classic shooter genre.  It certainly had its faults, but to many people it was a breath of fresh air.  Shooters in general have been criticized for being overly dark or violent, and Splatoon set itself apart by being bright and fun.

Switch Nindies Showcase

Shovel Knight Coming, but No Virtual Console

Next Tuesday Nintendo will host the “Nindies Showcase” – their live video presentation highlighting indie games available on the Switch.  Today in preparation for that Nintendo made an announcement about a few of the games that will be available, as well as information on things like Virtual Console and Nintendo Account features.

Nintendo Switch Developer Tools

Nintendo Switch Trailer Leaks Developer Tools

A new Nintendo Switch trailer dropped in several countries around the world today, featuring primarily the on-the-go style of gameplay that the Switch is built to provide.  But what gathered more attention was not the trailer itself – it was the mistake made in the Nintendo Portugal version of the video.  It has since been fixed and re-uploaded, but for about an hour this morning the Portuguese version of this trailer showed footage of the console’s built-in developer tools:

Mario Kid's Choice Awards Skit

Nintendo to Sponsor 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards – Possibly New Promo Material?

Once again Nintendo will be sponsoring the Kids’ Choice Awards, undoubtedly to promote the Switch. The event doesn’t happen until March 11th, but at only eight days after the console’s release hype is sure to still be high.


ARMS: What Does it Need to Succeed?

My first thoughts seeing the ARMS trailer were “This is going to be just as ridiculous as 1-2-Switch, isn’t it?” and it honestly was. ARMS looks like a very weird game, but this is Nintendo so I’m not going to make any assumptions about how well a game will do based on its visual style.