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Kirby 64 Combination Abilities

Kirby 64 Combination Abilities Are Not Part of the Copy Ability Poll

This is your reminder to vote in the Kirby Copy Ability Poll! The poll is running for quite some time to get specific abilities in Kirby Battle Royale! Also, we now know why Kirby 64 combination abilities are not part of the poll.

Project Octopath Traveler demo

Project Octopath Traveler Slated for Spring Release, According to Nintendo UK

We’re pretty excited for Project Octopath Traveler, as it revisits some old-school RPG gameplay. We now have a review window thanks to Nintendo UK. Project Octopath Traveler slated for spring release comes from this news source.

San Diego Comic-Con - Super Mario Odyssey File Size

Super Mario Odyssey File Size is Only 5.7 GB

It’s always fun to see final file sizes for huge games. Well, Nintendo of Japan has revealed the file size for Super Mario Odyssey. The Super Mario Odyssey file size is a tiny 5.7 GB.

NES Golf

NES Golf Hidden Inside Switch Firmware With an NES Emulator

Here’s something interesting for your Nintendo news today: NES Golf is hidden inside the Switch. I have absolutely no way of knowing if this is true, but Switch hackers and modifiers are saying that it is.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Poster

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Poster Reveals More Details

A poster has been revealed for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to help hype the game. The cool thing is that this Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon poster reveals some more details that we haven’t seen in any of the other announcements. Here’s the poster.

September Nintendo Direct

September Nintendo Direct Discussion – Episode 68

This week we review the September Nintendo Direct. We talk about some of the fun titles that are coming, as well as our thoughts on them. We also ponder whether we’re in the best timeline or not, because 3 Bethesda games on a Nintendo console is bonkers. So much to say in this longer episode of the Virtual Boys Podcast!

Pre-Order Super Mario Odyssey Switch

Pre-order Super Mario Odyssey Switch – Your Guide

Looking for the Super Mario Odyssey Switch that was recently announced? We’ve got you covered! We’ve grabbed links to all of the major retailers that are offering pre-orders and more for this new console. This bundle has a digital version installed, as well as plenty more Without any further ado, here’s how to pre-order Super Mario Odyssey Switch.

switch commercial - switch update version - Splatoon 2 Switch Bundle

Time for Another Nintendo Switch Commercial

We’ve got a lot of games coming this week alone, and plenty more coming in the next few months. Nintendo knows this, and are trying to help people make the decision to grab the Nintendo Switch. Today, Nintendo uploaded a new Switch commercial.

Mario Party: The Top 100

Mario Party: The Top 100 Seems to Have Board Play

Looks like boards are coming back to Mario Party: The Top 100. Nintendo’s website seems to indicate that this Mario Party will indeed be a Party. Here are the details.

Nintendo Download Report - Famitsu Reviews Metroid: Samus Returns amiibo functionality

Nintendo Download Report for September 14, 2017 (US)

It’s another week, which means that it’s time for another set of Nintendo Downloads here in the US. Lots of awesome content is releasing this week on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Let’s take a look at this Nintendo Download report for September 14, 2017.