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Infinite Minigolf Switch Version

Infinite Minigolf Switch Version Still Waiting On Nintendo

Infinite Minigolf is a new game coming to Nintendo Switch very soon. The versions of the game on other platforms launched today! Unfortunately, Zen Studios is still waiting on Nintendo for the Infinite Minigolf Switch version.

De Mambo Review

Review: De Mambo is a Solid Multiplayer Game with a Solid Core

I remember when I first saw De Mambox a few months ago. I was honestly really confused and wasn’t quite sure what I was watching. It reminded me of a few smaller games that I’ve seen before with that sleek visual style, and I was intrigued. I got my hands on the game, so now I present my De Mambo review.

Episode 60 - Splatfest Results Impressions, De Mambo - Virtual Boys Podcast

Splatfest Results, Nintendo Switch Online, and De Mambo – Episode 60

David and James get together to talk about the Splatfest Results and general impressions of Splatoon 2. We recorded before the game’s release, but here’s what we thought. We then talked about the shortcomings of the Nintendo Switch Online app, then discuss the odd, but wonderful De Mambo. Enjoy this episode!

axiom verge wii u confirmed

Axiom Verge Wii U Physical is Having Difficulties in US

Axiom Verge is one of our favorite indie games here at NintenCity. And seriously, it’s a lovely Metroidvania game that helped tide us over before Metroid: Samus Returns was announced. Well, the developer announced a physical release of the game for August, and it looks like he’s running into some trouble with the Wii U release.

Pokémon GO Fest - Legendary Pokémon Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Fest Was a Disaster, Reimbursement Incoming

Pokémon GO Fest was supposed to be a lovely afternoon of fun and excitement! Things quickly changed when people had to wait hours to enter and server outages caused chaos. At least Niantic is apologizing and reimbursing attendees.

Inkbrush Splatoon 2 Image

Inkbrush Added to Splatoon 2

The Inkbrush is the first new item added to Splatoon 2. This weapon returns from the first Splatoon but was missing in the sequel until now. It was literally added a few minutes ago, so update your game!

where to get the new amiibo

Where to Get Your Hands on all of the New amiibo

Update: Female Corrin is now up on Amazon!

Update: We’ve got a guide for the new Champion Amiibo here! Here is our guide for the new Mario Odyssey amiibo! If you’re looking for the new Metroid amiibo, we’ve got you covered! Another guide for the Fire Emblem Warriors amiibo is here. We’re adding guides for the other sets of amiibo as we speak!

The rest of this guide focuses on the new Smash series and Zelda series that was announced back in April! Click the links above for the new Zelda series, the new Mario series, the new Metroid series, and the new Fire Emblem Warriors amiibo.

Nintendo announced yesterday 13 new amiibo. I’ve already posted on how awesome they look, but it’s hard to find a place that shows you where you can get each of them. This post will do just that and be updated as more information comes. Here’s where to get the new amiibo.

Nintendo 64 Controller Trademarks

Nintendo 64 Controller Trademarks Appear in Europe, N64 Mini?

We love a good trademark reveal, as they often can help us piece together the future of Nintendo’s business. The latest is some Nintendo 64 controller trademarks, and it has us wondering if there’ll be an N64 mini in the future.

Episode 59 - ARMS Podcast Review

ARMS Podcast Review – Episode 59

The Virtual Boys finally give their ARMS podcast review in this episode! We talk about the best characters, why the game works so well, how the game plays, and much more. Also, would Shrek make a good ARMS character? I don’t know, but we talked about it! Take a listen to this ARMS review!

switch cartridge rom dump

Switch Cartridge ROM Dumps Start Appearing Online

It’s another step for homebrewers today. After dumping the Kernel and some other previous actions of running homebrew through the browser, we’ve got ROM dumps. Switch cartridge ROM dumps are nothing to scoff at, but they’re very unusable.