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Wii Play Thursday – NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Ah, NiGHTS into Dreams the closest thing the Sega Saturn had to a killer app. And what a killer app it was! Released in July 1996 in Japan, it topped Saturn sales charts across the world with its colorful graphics, showing that, with skillful programming, the Saturn could compete with or even beat the Playstation’s visuals. The soundtrack was beautiful, unique gameplay seen nowhere else at the time, and a super-smooth new controller made it a marvel to play – or so I’ve heard. I’ve never actually played the original game, yet. I didn’t really get into the Sega Saturn until about a month ago when I bought one cheap on eBay. Then it was a Pal Saturn, headaches ensued, and I ended up buying a Japanese Model One Saturn, which was completed with the help of a con.

But anyway, NiGHTS was a hit, topping charts across the world and even landing on several “best games of all time” lists from people like IGN and CVG. With success, of course, came MERCHANDISING, WHERE THE REAL MONEY FROM THE GAME IS MADE! Actually, NiGHTS had a fairly strong marketing push. In Japan, we got storybooks, soundtracks, and even a line of plushies released to UFO Catcher machines. The U.S got a comic book from Archie Comics (famous for their Sonic the Hedgehog Comics), an LCD game from Tiger Electronics, and other miscellaneous trinkets. In December 1996, a Christmas-themed demo of the game called Christmas NiGHTS was released, coming free with things such as Sega Saturn bundles or with magazines.

mega man x

Mega Man 30th Anniversary: Mega Man X Legacy Collection, Legacy Collection 1 and 2

Alongside the absolutely thrilling announcement of a Mega Man 11 coming soon, we also got some smaller Mega Man news. We’ve got Mega Man X, and original Mega Man news for Switch.

mega man 11

Mega Man 30th Anniversary – Mega Man 11!!!


Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Wii Play Thursday – Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Nostalgia is a curious thing. Childhood memories somehow stay inside your subconscious and make you yearn and enjoy things from childhood. Nostalgia is a reason I enjoy a few games, most notably the ‘meh’ Transformers game from 2007.

But in particular, one of my favorite nostalgic games is the Sonic Riders series. I used to play the first game on PC all the time, never managing to get past either Track 2 when I first played it when I was like 10 or Babylon Garden later in my teenage years. I never knew what was beyond that garden; it was only years later, playing through it again for GameCube, that I learned there was also a Babylon Rogue story mode. But even when I was 10, I didn’t care. It was Sonic the Hedgehog on a HOVERBOARD and it just looked so cool! Well, for a kid at least, I still seriously have the theme song stuck in my head, along with Omochao’s near endless cries of “Look at {character} ride that turbulence!” and “{X character} is gaining/losing momentum!”

HDE Playstand Review

Hardware Review: HDE Playstand

I absolutely love my Nintendo Switch. Other consoles I play, I usually go through quickly, especially with new ones. One problem, however, is the Switch’s kickstand for when I play with friends. So, HDE provided a solution. I now present my HDE Playstand review, so you can see how useful it is.

HDE Nintendo Switch Backpack Review

Hardware Review: HDE Nintendo Switch Backpack

A carrying case was one of the first items I purchased for my Switch, along with the console itself. It was Mario themed and came with some other goodies like Joy Con covers and stick guards. It was alright, I guess, but I never particularly liked it that much. Clearly, it was the design, as I prefer bags to cases. They’re more portable and usable.

I dealt with it for a few months, and then HDE contacted me with an opportunity to review a Switch Stand and a Bag, so I was quite delighted.

Traveller's Tales

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Jon Burton, founder of Traveller’s Tales!

Earlier this week, I got permission to interview Jon Burton, Founder of Traveller’s Tales (Who made such games as Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic R, and the Lego games since Lego Star Wars.) It was conducted via email, and it was an absolute honor.

Cartoon Network Battle Crashers

Cartoon Network Battle Crashers Being Ported to Switch

Ohhh Boy. This one’s been a long time coming. It initially was leaked via a GameStop listing back in July that this game was being ported, but it seemed to just fly below everyone’s radar. Cartoon Network Battle Crashers is being ported to Switch.

save the light

Grumpyface ‘not opposed’ to bringing Steven Universe Save the Light to Switch

And continuing the trend of “Lily publishing Cartoon Network news months and months late”, we have some thoughts on Grumpyface Studios. They’ve said that Steven Universe: Save the Light might make it to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Dock Alternative

New Nintendo Switch Dock Alternative: A projector! Meet the Ojo.

While there’s very little doubt the Nintendo Switch is a wonderful console, It does have room for improvement. One major complaint has been the console’s Dock. Due to a lack of padding, it has a tendency to scratch the screen.