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Inversus Deluxe

Nindies Review: Inversus Deluxe: A Competitive Arcade Shooter

INVERSUS Deluxe is one of those fun competitive and cooperative arcade shooter games. This one offers a twist though – your player movement is constrained to opposite colors on a black and white grid. Let’s see what I think about this game.

Nindies Review: Knight Terrors

In this game, you take the role of “the Knight” in this title who flys forward upon hitting A and you face the onslaught of enemies that are coming before you. In the Vein of Flappy Bird, you are dodging and killing enemies while flying through obstacles and avoiding spikes on the ground.

36 Fragments of Midnight

Nindies Review: 36 Fragments of Midnight

Your task is to find the star fragments and take them back, but it won’t be easy. In this procedurally generated platformer game, you have to avoid deadly lasers, circular saws and spikes to collect all the fragments to get their greatest gift. Do you have what it takes to collect them all?

Astro Bears Party Review

Nindies Review: Astro Bears Party: Bears in space?!

Astro Bears Party is an easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master game about running around a planet and avoiding each other’s “Magical Beary Ribbons.” Jump and hover over Ribbons using a jet pack. Perform dashes to threaten your opponents. Be the last Bear standing!

Does this premise sound interesting to you? Well, let’s check out my thoughts in this Astro Bears Party review!

Death Squared AMA

Nindies Review: Death Squared – A Game about Cooperation

Death Squared is a puzzle game about cooperation, communication, and robot explosions. Let’s take a look at it in this review.

Switch Player Magazine

Nindie Feature: Switch Player Magazine

Have you been looking for a printed source for all of your Nintendo Switch news and information? Then look no further than Switch Player Magazine. A dedicated group of writers, Nintendo fans, and artists produces the magazine, covering all of the latest and greatest Switch news and titles.

Astro Bears Party Review

Nindies Interview: The Development of Astro Bears Party

Astro Bears Party is one of the newest Nindies to hit the Nintendo Switch eShop. I got the chance to interview the developers behind this unique party game.

So, grab your space suit and favorite teddy bear and check out how this Tron-like party came to be.

I and Me

Nindies Review: I and Me: A Calm and Charming Puzzle Game

I and Me is a charming puzzle-platformer from Ratalaika Games. The focus of this title is controlling two cats simultaneously while they both complete the same action. Let’s take a look in this I and Me Nindies review.

Levels+ Nindies Review

Nindies Review: Levels+: An Addictive Puzzle Game

Levels+ is a fun puzzle game that is the first of its kind on the Nintendo Switch. If you’re a fan of mobile titles like 2048 then this game will definitely fit your puzzle needs. Let’s take a look at this game in this Levels+ Nindies Review.

Ironcast Developer AMA

Ironcast Developer AMA Highlights

Want to learn more about the game Ironcast? Check out these highlights from a recent Ironcast Developer AMA (ask me anything) on the Nintendo Switch subreddit. We’ve got some good quotes about things that were discussed.