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World to the West

Review: World to the West – How the West Was Won

World to the West is a sequel to one of Rain Games’s other games called Teslagrad, which released on the Switch late last year. While Teslagrad was a 2D magnet based platformer, World to the West is more akin to a 2D Zelda adventure.

Because World to the West is incredibly similar to a 2D Zelda title, it’s really hard not to draw comparisons between the two. However, allow me to shed some light on what is unique about our little journey to the West.

Wii Play Thursday – NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Ah, NiGHTS into Dreams the closest thing the Sega Saturn had to a killer app. And what a killer app it was! Released in July 1996 in Japan, it topped Saturn sales charts across the world with its colorful graphics, showing that, with skillful programming, the Saturn could compete with or even beat the Playstation’s visuals. The soundtrack was beautiful, unique gameplay seen nowhere else at the time, and a super-smooth new controller made it a marvel to play – or so I’ve heard. I’ve never actually played the original game, yet. I didn’t really get into the Sega Saturn until about a month ago when I bought one cheap on eBay. Then it was a Pal Saturn, headaches ensued, and I ended up buying a Japanese Model One Saturn, which was completed with the help of a con.

But anyway, NiGHTS was a hit, topping charts across the world and even landing on several “best games of all time” lists from people like IGN and CVG. With success, of course, came MERCHANDISING, WHERE THE REAL MONEY FROM THE GAME IS MADE! Actually, NiGHTS had a fairly strong marketing push. In Japan, we got storybooks, soundtracks, and even a line of plushies released to UFO Catcher machines. The U.S got a comic book from Archie Comics (famous for their Sonic the Hedgehog Comics), an LCD game from Tiger Electronics, and other miscellaneous trinkets. In December 1996, a Christmas-themed demo of the game called Christmas NiGHTS was released, coming free with things such as Sega Saturn bundles or with magazines.

Dimension Drive Title

Review: Dimension Drive – Refreshing and Original Arcade Fun

Author’s Note: As of when I’ve started writing this there is a day one patch out.  I will have to play the latest patch and update this post if any of my criticisms are changed.

Dimension Drive released today and is a game I’ve been looking forward to for several weeks now.  I first found out about the game on Twitter, and I was enraptured by the innovative dual-screen arcade shooter.  In the interest of full disclosure: I received a review copy of this game for free so if that concerns you take what I have to say with a grain of salt, but with that out of the way, sit back, get comfortable, and let me tell you about how awesome Dimension Drive is.