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Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition

Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition Posted and Removed from Amazon Spain

Update: So, this isn’t totally ruled out, as nobody has come out and explained this as a hoax, but we do know that the image is indeed fanart. This makes us doubt the credibility of the rumor, but it could still be real. Original article follows:

In a strange twist of fate (hyuck hyuck hyuck), we appear to have a fascinating rumor on our hands. This rumor comes from Amazon Spain, where they listed and removed Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch. Now, we don’t have any confirmation but let’s take a look.

Nintendo in 2016 discussion virtual boys

What is in Store for 2016 from Nintendo? – Episode 12

With no word from the Virtual Boys in about two months, host David gathered with co-hosts Jordan, Skylar, and James to discuss Nintendo in 2016: their plans, games, and future. Join the Virtual Boys as they discuss some of the latest news and rumors; a review of Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam; as well as their thoughts on Star Fox Zero, Pokkén Tournament, the Pokemon 20th Anniversary, Twilight Princess, and Zelda U.

Smash Bros and Fire Emblem Fates

Super Smash Bros. New Characters and Fire Emblem Fates – Episode 11

After the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo direct, host David (that’s me!), accompanied by co-hosts Jordan and Skylar, talk about their reactions. They discuss Corrin, Bayonetta, and Cloud all making their way into Smash Bros. The addition of Corrin also inspired discussion for Fire Emblem fates, where David and Skylar talk with Andrew, a guest to the podcast. Join them this week for a Smash and Fire Emblem themed episode!

Fire Emblem Fates Characters

Fire Emblem Fates May Be Single Release, Suggests Amazon UK

Interesting news popped up recently about the newest installment of Fire Emblem Fates. A fan in the UK, after looking at the game’s listing on Amazon, noticed that there is but one copy listed, instead of two. The game has seen some tremendous success in Japan as a two-part release, but maybe Europe is going to get the game as a single copy, as the developers originally intended.