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Welcome to NintenCity’s hub for the Wii U. Below you’ll find recent articles about the Wii U. The Wii U has been discontinued, but this page will serve as an archive in the future.

Recent news about Nintendo Wii U and Games

axiom verge wii u confirmed

Axiom Verge Wii U Physical is Having Difficulties in US

Well, I hope he gets it to work, even with the Switch’s massive success.

Farm Unlimited Korok Seeds

Farm Unlimited Korok Seeds with this Great Glitch

Of course this would be overlooked in the DLC’s development.

Episode 58: Splatoon 2 Direct Reflections Zelda Master Trials

Splatoon 2 Direct Reflections and Zelda Master Trials Review – Episode 58

Stay off the Hook and Beat Those Lynels

Splatoon and Splatoon 2

Splatoon and Splatoon 2 Visual Comparison Video

Compared to Off the Hook, the original Squid Sisters look dull… Say it ain’t so!

Link is Protagonist

Link is Still The Playable Character in The Champions’ Ballad, Wind Waker Outfit Incoming

I mean, it makes sense, but I still wanted to play as someone else at least a little bit.

Wonderful 101 for Switch - Platinum Games Hints

Platinum Games Hints at Wonderful 101 For Switch

I mean, sure, I’d love to see Wonderful 101 on Switch

Strange Area Breath of the Wild

Strange Area found in Breath of the Wild after Clipping Through Wall

The face under the mask… Is that… your true face?

bigger on Wii U - Breath of the Wild version 1.3.0

Breath of the Wild Version 1.3.0 Patch Notes

Bug fixes to let you wail on Bokoblins.

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